The breakfast trend continues!

It’s amazing what you can do with the standard breakfast ingredients: eggs, bread and bacon. You can traditionally scramble, fry, toast OR you can soak, brown and enjoy a morning bread pudding – that’s right: French Toast!
I love french toast because it’s easy, works perfectly for one AND the proportions don’t have to be perfect! Two eggs, a good helping of milk, dash of vanilla, sprinkle of nutmeg and you’re good to go. Soak the bread, brown on both sides until it’s a little solid, and it’s done. The end result is almost custardy, so creamy and sweet, which I can’t resist.
Bacon makes everything better, no explanation needed, but the fact that a little syrup on it is all the more tasty, means its a perfect side for my ‘toast’.
All in all a great way to start the morning. And so long as you don’t drown it in syrup, use heavy cream or overload the bacon – I can’t imagine it’s all that bad for you 😉

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