rainy day delight

Soup and a grilled cheese is the ultimate rainy day food for me. Takes me way back to being a kid when my mom would make us tomato soup and a melted velveeta sandwich – oh so good.

Rainy Saturday creation numer two was Broccoli & Leek Soup with Thyme. I used dried thyme because it’s what I had, and added a quarter cup of cream at the end because I think thats the way creamed soups should be finished, and it turned out great. Blended soups are SO easy – I love them. Start with some onions, add veggie(s) of your choice, cover with broth, boild until tender and blend… and of course, finish with a little cream 😉
Even though it wasn’t raining today, I paired it with a sourdough+swiss+ham+apple grilled cheese sandwich, which is the perfect combo to melty+nutty+sweet+crisp.
I highly recommend this lunch or any variation of the soup method mentioned above on your next rainy day in.

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