Let Nature Inspire

Dinner club was Sunday and it was my turn for salad again… May not sound too exciting, but with a dish that’s mainly all veggies, I thought it a great opportunity to utilize the farmer’s market.

Off to to the market I went and found some fresh greens and blood oranges. I was really excited about the oranges because that’s what I wanted to put in my first dinner club salad. I settled for regular oranges then, but voila blood oranges this go around. Always wanting to mix up textures and flavors, I added goat cheese, toasted walnuts (from the pantry reserves) and home made croutons – it was a GREAT combination.
Being the carb lover I am, a good crouton can be my favorite part of the salad, which they definitely were in this case. Broiled ciabatta with some olive oil, garlic salt, thyme and oregano they were crunchy on the outside, still kind of soft in the middle, added bursts of herbs and were great to soak up the dressing.
The key to this is experiment! See something that looks good? Just use your imagination… Salad is one thing that really has no right/wrong, over/under cooked – it’s all about being inspired and making what you think would taste good. Keep it simple and see what happens! Here are some simple combinations to think of:
Salad = greens + seasonal fruit + cheese + nut + croutons
Dressing = vinegar + dijon mustard + oil
Croutons = bread cubes + oil + herbs

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