Pretty Pretty Pesto

This is one of the most beautiful things I have made. I don’t mean an extravagant cake, or tweezers and droppers delicately placing just the right amount of food on the plate. I’m talking all natural, colors you can’t believe are real, tastes amazing beautiful.

While picking up the lemon and lime for the cookies over the weekend I found the thinnest, most delicate looking asparagus. I immediately snatched that up and knew I’d roast them with lemon and lime. Great start, but asparagus and what? I got home and raided the pantry and fridge. Pasta, check. Sausage in the fridge, check. Spinach, check. Great, I can make a healthy pasta with veggies – but that’s so boring…

NOT if you make the spinach into pesto!! The most beautiful spinach-walnut-arugala-basil-lemon pesto. It all just sounded so good together that I crammed basically all my fridge into the bladed attachment of my immersion blender and pressed go. Seasoned with salt and pepper and just enough olive oil for the blades whirl easily and I was done. The best part about this is that you can make it with just about whatever you have and season to your liking.

I tossed the roasted asparagus, sausage and pasta with this amazing bright green sauce and was just SO happy with the result. The pesto itself was one of those colors that makes you realize where Crayola gets its inspiration. It was amazingly fragrant with the basil, slightly sweet from the spinach and walnuts, and I loved the burst of freshness in the lemon finish. I couldn’t have done better with an hour in the kitchen (I was done in about 15 min).

I highly recommend you give it a try. Try different proportions, different greens, whatever you have around the house. I promise you will end up with something amazing.


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