I finally went to Tartine! After hearing about it for so long, and experiencing the morning bun and almond croissant from my office (a most gracious co-worker picked them up for our team one morning), I was ready to try the bakery for myself.

popular spot on a Sunday morning

I convinced my friend it was worth the wait, so we arrived around 10am and caught up as we inched our way to the front of the line. When we finally got within sight of the pastry cases, I could hardly believe my eyes – it was all just so pretty. Cakes and tarts in simple aesthetic perfection, along with sprawling pastries. After a serious talk with myself – and finding out they were NOT cash only – I was settled on trying more than I needed. The croque monsieur, the morning bun and a lovely personal sized lemon creme tart, just for me.

The croque monsieur was very tasty – open-faced and topped with bechamel, thick ham and heirloom tomatoes, the real delight, however; being that it was served on amazing bread. Soft and luscious in the middle with a commanding crust to keep it all together. Bread that you are required otherwise to order three, you read correctly, three days in advance.

While I knew I shouldn’t (and I am sure not all of you know me well enough not to judge so I am only slightly embarrassed to tell you this) I did eat the morning bun right after. There was no waiting, no drawing out the longing – my id took over, and it was fantastic. The morning bun is light and airy, with crystals of sugar on top, just the right ratio of cinnamon, and is sticky chewy in just the right places. And even though I’m not a citrus-in-my-pastry sort of gal, I did rather enjoy the hint of orange.

photo courtesy of Frommers, click pic for link

Finally the lemon creme tart – chosen becuase it looked too darling not to try. It was light and smooth, with a perfectly thin crisp crust containing it all. It was more creamy yet sturdy than the filling of a lemon meringue pie, and the dollop of whip on top was a nice complement to the texture, not too stiff like a meringue can be. It felt so right treating myself to a piece of it before setting off on another Monday. The best part is, that I did exercise restraint at some point that day and now I have another delightful piece of lemon heaven waiting for me to enjoy again.


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