NYC: Shake Shack

New York City… So much to do and see on a relatively small island . For some it’s about the museums, others are there for the night life, many are there for the cultural wonders. For me it was more about being there for an extended time period without an agenda, having friends to visit, mixing in some solo time and of course there was a whole lot of eating to do. I could have begun to make a list of restaurants to try, but I knew I would just be disappointed if I couldn’t fit it all in and 20 lbs heavier if I did. So with a general idea of places to try, I was off in NYC.

My first stop worth mentioning was Shake Shack. I’d heard a bit about this diner experience and found there was one just a short walk through Central Park from where I was staying the first weekend. It’s a super cute and trendy diner that does burgers, shakes of frozen custards, crinkle cut fries and beer & wine! I got the Shack Burger, and I have to tell you it sounded a whole lot like In-n-Out. Bun, meat patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese, special sauce. But let me tell you (and being a native Californian, I am a bit shy to tell you this) it put In-n-Out to shame. Yikes, I said it. The deciding factor was the meat. That was SO beefy, greasy, flavorful that it just packed a punch and tasted like a real burger with substance. The egg bun was also a winner that was sort of melt in your mouth and soaked up all the meat juices.

All in all a very unexpected pleasant surprise that I am happy to have indulged in. The burgers aren’t huge, so if you go, I’d definitely suggest more than one/double patty/fries/shake to you get your fill, but it’s worth the wait and if they bring one out to California, I wouldn’t be opposed!


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