NYC: Smorgasburg

In the ever-increasing world of technology, travel and communication there are bound to be little coincidences along the way. Many times good, say walking by a bar in New York that is mentioned on the first page of the book you happen to be reading at the time (yes, this happened to me) and sometimes these coincidences are not so good, say having a friend want to set you up with someone you know (yes, this happened to me too). For the most part I delight in the crossing of paths and finding new places, to only lead me back somewhere familiar again.

I was led to somewhere new and back to familiar territory when I visited Smorgasburg “A Food Flea” in Williamsburg, Brooklyn during my nine-day adventure in NYC. I first read about it in this New York Times article, back in July. It sounded amazing, an open air market with restaurant tents and all sorts food stuffs to try, not to mention it’s in only of the trending Brooklyn neighborhoods – I added it to my tentative list of things to do and hoped for the best!

My friend who is a food buyer, and her friends who is also a foodie manage to trek out to Williamsburg on my last Saturday in NYC and Smorgasburg was amazing. We had fried anchovies, this  AMAZING mexican sandwich, doughnuts and more. Thank god there were three of us so we could indulge in so many things. Despite a random rain storm, for which all three of us crammed under one umbrella, we continued to chow down, and the end result was a lovely morning with new food, new and old friends and a new respect for food tents/trucks. Remember this post? I wasn’t initialy a fan…

So this does come full circle, I promise. When I got back to SF I was flipping through my September issue of bon appetit, trying to find something to cook for the month (being that that is initial idea for the blog) and I came across an article about the emerging food markets in the US and what was featured? That’s right, Smorgasburg!! I couldn’t believe it! I had totally skimmed over it before and I was now keenly aware in this second read through that they also featured the anchovies and this amazing Mexican sandwich – little did we know we were trying the best!

In the spirit of the September issue that was all about the best new restaurants, tips on how to cook like a chef, and a little less focused on recipes, I’m calling this a September success. I didn’t cook my way through new recipes this month, but I sure did eat my fair share of new things!

First time having fried anchovies – amazing how they just taste like little fish bites, you can’t feel the bones, and they are crispy on the outside and delicately flaky on the inside.

The most amazing sandwich ever: Cemita – a little bit of everything in a delightful combination. I LOVE carnitas and there was a little spice, a fresh burst of herbs and enough sauces to keep things interesting.

And finally a little dessert. Dulce de Leche and a Toasted Coconut doughnut? Yes, please! The doughnuts were light and airy without feeling like nothing. They held their own and with flavors like hibiscus I wish I could have tried them all.


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