Brussels Sprouts with Walnut Vinaigrette

I never had brussels sprouts growing up. To this day when I try to convince my dad they’re actually good, he scoffs and says no way! I tell him they taste kinda like broccoli & good cabbage so long as you don’t over cook them. I even tell him you can cook them with bacon or pancetta, which makes everything (especially these green nuggets) so much better. Again, disbelief. But they are good, and so worth giving a shot if you have not already. I was not scarred by poor sprout preparation as a child and can now enjoy them for all the positives they are.

While I normally roast them, I made this recipe last night, which proved to be tasty then and today at lunch. It’s more of a brussels sprout salad with radicchio and a fresh vinaigrette of shallots, walnuts and dijon. I have to admit that I didn’t spring for a whole jar of walnut oil when the recipe called for only a tablespoon, BUT it was still flavorful and nutty. It is a tangy dressing, with just a touch of sweetness. The rest of the salad just works. The brussels sprouts remain crisp after a quick blanch and the radicchio is bitter against the sweeter vinaigrette, finished with fresh lemon zest and creamy parm, I really enjoyed this new take on a classic veggie.

Since this woman can not live on greens alone, I wanted some fish to keep the meal light and fresh. I was craving halibut, but there was none to be found at the store, so I picked up a trout. Yes! Another one! While this preparation was great, I wanted to lighten it up, so I employed this cooking method and steamed it with some fresh lemon and butter. So amazing! I added more liquid this time, the juice of a whole lemon and a splash of water, and the fish remained moist and flakey, with lemon noted that tied back to my sprout salad. All in all a nice fresh meal to get me back on track after that past few indulgent weeks.


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