Pumpkin Ice Cream (Sandwiches)

I’ve been floored at how much I’ve been able to make with the ONE pumpkin I roasted. I’ve managed pumpkin gnocchi, granola, pumpkin zucchini bread and now this pumpkin ice cream. I remember making ice cream as a kid – we had one of those old machines that you put the ice in the outside and had to pour in salt to bring the temperature down. We all sat around watching it turn and turn, waiting for it to thicken. And finally at the end of what seemed like forever, we had ice cream. It was all very exciting.

With the last remains of my pumpkin I was thinking I might make some pancakes (kind of unoriginal) or waffles (less unoriginal, but somewhat a fresh idea) and then I thought of ice cream (still not very original either, but new to me!). Not only would I get to use the last of my pumpkin, I would relive some childhood fun and be able to use my kitchen aid mixer for something other than mixing and kneading. Woo hoo, 3 year anniversary of the machine and finally branching out!

I borrowed the ice cream attachment from a friend and whipped up the mix one night. It was so thick it resembled more of a pudding and I would have been so happy to eat it by itself that I began concocting pumpkin pudding recipes. I did go through with the freezing though and in the end came up with a terribly rich, terribly flavorful and terribly good ice cream.

It has all the flavors of pumpkin pie and as it melts a bit, it still retains a thicker consistency that resembles pie or cheesecake. It’s the flavors of the season in a new format. As good as it was, I knew there could be more… and that’s when I decided to make oatmeal cookie ice cream sandwiches. Simply amazing. The mix of textures and mirrored flavor profiles of brown sugar, cinnamon and fall were great. I will warn you though, the ice cream is so rich I can only eat a bite at a time, so I’d suggest you make your sandwiches small too!

Recipe: here (I omitted the bourbon)


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