Birthday Cocktails

I had my birthday this week! I love having a reason to bring all of my friends together and every few years I feel compelled to organize a big to do to celebrate turning one year older. Growing up my mom always came up with great birthday parties for us from a scavenger hunt all across town to a surprise trip to Disneyland with a few friends and I’ve continued the effort into my adult hood. Most notably a trip to Spain; a party bus, bowling and bars and now this year, a fabulous cocktail party.

I took inspiration from all my travels abroad and places I’ve lived and came up with a menu featuring four cocktails that I love. I made a sign for each drink and framed them at different ‘stations’ around my apartment so my friends could learn to make the drinks that are so me. Everyone had a blast and enjoyed the beverages, and even rather enjoyed being able to make their own cocktails. The only thing disappointing thing that can happen during cocktail parties is that fully charged cameras are forgotten about in the midst of mingling, eating, and drinking and photos are not taken… It will have to suffice to tell you that I had on a blue sequin dress, served 4 different cheeses on my new slate cheese board, had lovely mini yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting that a friend made for me because it’s one of my favorite combos, had home-made spiced garbonzo beans and found out that my studio can fit so many more than 25 people.

It was a fantastic celebration with my closest friends who have been a part of my life in the past 10 years since college or the past 4 years since I moved to San Francisco (my birthday happens to also be my anniversary of being in SF) – I am so so lucky. Below are the drinks that I have a personal connection to and highly recommend!


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