You CAN Do It – part II

Well, I finally did it. I cracked open one of the lovely jars from this adventure. I was hesitant to break into the jar of bread and butter pickles just by myself, so Thanksgiving (with company and lots of sandwiches to be made) seemed like the perfect place to share the pickle love.

Everyone LOVED them. I loved them. Despite the fact that I’m not the biggest pickle fan, these were perfect (it’s really the sharp dill pickles I’m not a fan of – I love sweet relishes, etc). They are  sweet, a little tart, just the tiniest bit spicy. The recipe uses a slew of spices including turmeric, mustard seeds, celery seeds, coriander and ginger, which when combined with the apple cider vinegar and brown sugar yield a lovely little pickle that’s the perfect sandwich complement. The thing I was most surprised about while making them was that I could actually smell when they turned into pickles. One minute they were cucumbers and onions in vinegar and the next they were pickles. You jar them with onions and I even loved those on my sandwich when the pickles were gone.

I wish I had another jar – I’m sure that if it was just me I could have easily finished them off. I put them on a roast beef sandwich one day and my left over turkey sandwich the next day, but I really would have loved them on a ham and swiss grilled cheese sandwich, mmm… Just another reason to can a little more!

Recipe from bon appetit here


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