What the polls are all about!

As much as I love food and cooking, I have to be honest: I don’t love EVERYthing. I have an aversion to olives (though they are slowly growing on me), shrimp (it’s a texture thing) and blue cheese (just not my thing). I do; however,  continue to try things I dislike again and again because I know palates change and I always hope that when I re-try something, that just maybe, that day will be the day that I like shrimp/olives/blue cheese… And you know what? Sometimes it IS that day.

In an effort to be a little more interactive with y’all – I LOVE to hear from you – I figured I’d have you help me decide what to make with some of the things I like least in my Farm Fresh to You Box (then I really have no excuse to let it go bad). On occasion, I’ll post a poll with a few dishes using that ill-favored ingredient, I’ll cook whatever gets the most votes and blog about it in the end so we can learn to love it together! This week it’s fennel – in fact, I chalk up that whole flavor profile (fennel/liquorice/anise) on the dislike side. But for you, I am willing to try it.

So get your vote on and let me know what you think I should make! Because chances are, maybe it’s something that you don’t like either – but who knows, after you hear about it, maybe that day will be the day you decide to try it.

I’ll be taking fennel votes through Saturday.


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