Herb Salts

The holidays have slowly, then rapidly, crept up and now with the start of Hanukkah last night and Christmas in 4 days, I think it’s safe to say they are here. Though that doesn’t mean that we have all finished shopping, preparing, cooking, or gifting in any way. Home-made herb salts are a lovely gift that are so simple you can whip up a batch in the evening just in time to catch your colleagues before they take off, fill out the stockings a little bit more, or bring a smile to your host’s face.

I had a ton of fresh left-over herbs from holiday cooking. Sage and rosemary were abundant, and rather than let them go bad in the fridge, I decided to dry them. Magically as I strung them up to dry, a friend told me about a herb salt she made. It sounded so simple that I had to give it a whirl. I also got to combine two other things I love, my mortar & pestle that were a house-warming present from my best friend and little Weck jars that I just adore. Each 80ml jar holds just about 6 tbsp. of salt and I am taking them overseas as a home-made gift for Christmas, I hope the recipients love them. I know I can’t wait to use mine on fish, poultry, rice, sauce and more. (While I dried and ground my own the old-fashioned way there are some shortcuts mentioned below.)

Herb Salt makes roughly 12 tbsp

  • 1 bunch herbs (I made 2 batches 1 rosemary and 1 sage)
  • 10+ tbsp salt (I used Kosher)

Hang herbs to dry OR dry in very low oven or a short blast in the microwave. Grind herbs finely in mortar & pestle OR blender/food processor. Mix with salt.

Ratio of herbs to salt 1:4 or 1:5 depending on how strong you want the salt to be. I measured in tablespoons.

Put in jar and tie with ribbon!


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