Munich at Christmas Time

I had the pleasure to spend Christmas in Germany this year. With friends to visit, I was off for a week-long getaway complete with warm cocktails, great heights and nostalgic food. I got to practice my German, which continues to astonish me each time I return – the fact that when I first moved there I couldn’t order a ticket on the bus, yet now when I return 4 years later, I can easily order pretzels, converse a bit (easier after a few beers), understand the city and transit systems. Even though I hadn’t spent that much time in Munich before this trip, it did still feel a little bit like going home.

Other than walking around and exploring the streets, after several trips to the city, a few of my favorite places in Munich are:

  • Dallmayr, the absolute best high end food store in Munich
  • Viktualienmarkt, the outdoor food market of the main platz in old town
  • The University quarter, north east of city center
  • The walk along the river
  • Englischer Garten
  • The really old beer halls, try to find a smaller less touristy one
  • Schloss Nymphenburg
A few more of my German LOVES, including food and traditions:

{The German breakfast, with fresh breads and meats from the baker and butcher downstairs – litterally, right below my friend’s apartment}

{how gold the egg yolks are}

{Doner Kebap – what I equate to the fast Mexican food of Germany, this Turkish combo of meat, salad and sauce on warm bread is one of my favorites}

{sausage and potatoes}

{the prevalence, ease and punctuality of train travel}

{the simplicity of the bars}

{afternoon espresso or coffee}

{how everything, I mean everything, is decorated for Christmas}

{Zugspitze, the highest point in Germany, nestled in the alps on the boarder of Germany and Austria}

{the old streets}


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