St. Patrick’s Day: Guinness Chocolate Cake

Oh well, hello, St. Patrick’s Day. We meet again.

I’m had some interesting times celebrating this day of Guinness, green and all things Irish. I went on a really awkward date one year, like where he was 20 min late and there were some language barriers. I went to a piano bar one year, those are always interesting. And I went to a fundraiser in a pub one year, which was eh, just ok. This year I have no plans for March 17 BUT I did decide to make a kick-ass cake. A Guinness and Ghirardelli chocolate cake, courtesy of Nigella Lawson.

Now let me tell you, that I have a love/hate (ok, not so much hate as disappointing) relationship with Nigella. I love her show, her attitude, she’s so pretty and not stick thin, yet when I have made her recipes before, they have not been all that good. Flavors were off, textures were not perfect – all in all a little underwhelming, to the point where I don’t cook from her cookbook anymore. However, since this recipe was endorsed by The Kitchn I decided that I should attempt another of her recipes once again.

Let me tell you, this is not one to be missed. It’s rich, dense, moist and chocolate-y without being overwhelming. And while I am not totally convinced you can actually taste the Guinness, my colleague swore that there was a slight maltiness from the beer. Regardless, it’s a fabulous chocolate cake and home-made cream cheese frosting is always a winner. I took it to work and got to listen to ooh’s ahh’s and yummy noises all day long. Finally one point for Nigella, one point for St. Paddy’s Day and one point for me (for not messing up a baking recipe again after this disaster).

Recipe here. I added a 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla to the frosting & isn’t it cute how the brown and white represents the Guinness + the foam on top?


2 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day: Guinness Chocolate Cake

  1. Certainly looks good! I’ve had my fair share of cake this month (since it was my birthday 10 days ago), but I’d definitely make it as soon as I allow myself to have cake again! Probably in about 10 more days 🙂 (except maybe if I get a few extra miles in my running! hehe)

    Btw: was the piano bar in SF or elsewhere?


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