Happy Birthday, Little Sister

My ‘little’ sister turns 26 today. I guess that makes her not so little, nor does her 5’9″ stature. She’s actually the short one of the family, believe it or not – you wouldn’t know by a blog that I am 6’1″ and both my parents stand around 6′ tall. While we are both relatively tall, there are a few more differences between my sister and I besides the 4 inch height difference.

I tend to be of the slightly-selfish-I’m-always-right mentality, which does not make it very easy to adapt to a younger sibling who is not so similar. We fought growing up (thank god, for the double bench seats in the Astro minivan for summer road trips) and to be fair, most of it was probably my fault and intolerance. It just took me a long time to realize that different isn’t bad. When people ask how we are different, I give two examples:

a) One Halloween, when we were much much younger, I was a 50’s poodle skirt girl, my sister was a ghost buster.

b) One Christmas not so long ago, we both opened DVD shaped presents – mine was Sex and the City the movie, hers was a shoot ’em up video game, and we were both equally delighted with the gifts.

I have come to realize; however, that along with the ghostbusters and video games, comes an extremely creative and passionate personality. She has written novels, screenplays, come up with ideas for TV shows, learned Japanese (and studied in Japan), moved to LA by herself after college to work in media, appreciated Manga (WAY before my mom’s book club read a graphic novel) and is conquering grad school to become a highly dedicated teacher in the next few months. All things that I admire very much about her.

I don’t try to understand everything she does, but I do now appreciate our differences and love her for them. I can always count on her for witty comments, respected insights and great laughs. I am also so proud of her and that she has always marched to the beat of her drum rather than mine and has followed her personal passions. Even though our relationship consists of more Tweets to each other than it does phone calls, we continue to find ways to grow closer and temper our differences, whether it be having inside jokes, compromising in Greece by renting shaded beach chairs, or sharing the love of a good chocolate cake.

Laura, I love you, I’m glad you’re my sister.

Laura has always loved chocolate on chocolate on chocolate. When we were younger she would get the double fudge chocolate brownie ice cream with chocolate fudge on top. I don’t know how she did it because I personally loved my Gold Medal Ribbon and side of gummie bears, but again, small differences. So when I offered to make a birthday cake for her party this past weekend, I knew chocolate cake with chocolate frosting was the way to go. I flipped through the Bon Appetit Desserts book she gave me for my birthday and picked out two for her to choose from: Devil’s Food Cake with Chocolate-Orange Buttercream Frosting, or a Chocolate Fleur de Sel cake. I don’t even know why I asked, she obviously chose the first.

I was happy to have a project to slave away on, on Saturday. The result of melting LOTS of chocolate, zesting oranges and cracking open the Cointreau was a chocolately delight of a birthday cake. Topped with 27 candles (26 + 1 for good luck) it was the ultimate sign of a good celebration.

Devils Food Cake with Chocolate-Buttercream Frosting, recipe from Bon Appetit, here


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