Mushroom Polenta with Zucchini, Crispy Shallots and an Egg

The Italians sure like to take a lot of time with their grains. Risotto. Polenta. Need I say more? I’ve actually made versions of this dish with the quick ‘cornmeal mush’ recipe on the back of the cornmeal box, and dare I say, it’s not that bad! But in one of my last Foodzie boxes, I got mushroom polenta and made it with the real thing this time – man, was it tasty.

The polenta ended up not being a huge deal. Yes, you have to stir it frequently, but it was easy, and I was multi tasking, so I didn’t really feel like I was slaving away. And of course, the finish of parmesan and butter made it ultra creamy at the end. Though I will say that polenta sure firms up as it cools down, so I can see why there are all the ‘day after’ preparations of polenta ‘cakes’ etc.

Normally I make this with asparagus, because asparagus and eggs are BFF, but this time I had squash so I crisped up a shallot in the frying pan and added the zucchini til cooked through. And because I’m not really into poaching eggs yet, I just made a soft boiled one. My fool proof recipe is this: boil water, slowly add the egg (so it doesn’t crack under the temp change) cook for 6/7 min, remove from water, submurge or run under cold water and crack. Yum yum yum, I loved this combination.


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