Something New Every Day in June

Happy Summer everyone! There is no better time of year, with sunshine and warm weather as inspiration, to try new things, even in one’s own city. Since I spent every weekend in May taking weekend trips and exploring other cities, I thought I should get to know my own city better by doing something new every day in June. My focus was really on switching up my day to day activities, because while I had a whole list of fun SF bucket list items, there’s only so much you can actually do every day. So walking on a new street and getting a coffee somewhere other than my regular spots were also eligible as new activities.

I absolutely loved this challenge! I did a ton of fun things and it gave me a new perspective while doing other things even if they weren’t my ‘new thing’ for the day – going for my usual run, but in the opposite direction; walking down a different street than the one I came up; or really noticing a tree I’d run by many times before. And just as exciting as doing new things myself, is the fact that it inspired my friends to take action and check new things off their bucket lists!

I think I’ll have to do another month of new in the Fall just to get more bucket list items checked off, but until then, I’ll continue to use a “new” filter when doing the same day to day activities that are my life. And here they are – an Instagram photo-a-day for every new thing:

  1. Bier Garten, Hayes Valley*
  2. 4505 Meats breakfast sandwich, Ferry Building Farmer’s Market
  3. Bike riding in SF*
  4. Latte from Ritual, Hayes Valley
  5. Take the 12 bus (new) to Schmidt’s
  6. Visit the 2nd story of the SF Ferry Building
  7. Go inside City Hall*
  8. Host a dinner date at my house
  9. Hike to the top of Buena Vista Park and Corona Heights Park
  10. Rock climbing at Planet Granite*
  11. Domo Sushi, Hayes Valley
  12. Yoga at Grace Cathedral
  13. Clarion Alley Murals, Mission
  14. Humphry Slocombe ice cream, Mission
  15. Philz Coffee, Castro
  16. Mayer Hawthorne at The Fillmore*
  17. Concrete slides in Seward Park
  18. The Sycamore, Mission
  19. SF Public Library in the Presidio
  20. Wine & Canvas Event (I painted a picture!)
  21. Arizmendi Bakery, The Sunset
  22. SF Railway Museum
  23. Pride celebration in the Castro
  24. Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park
  25. Central Kitchen*
  26. Caltrain commute from San Jose
  27. Reading my new Kindle Touch
  28. Forage SF Underground Market
  29. Pe Yale Wine Bar, the Marina
  30. Town car to the airport

* denotes my TOP 6 new things from the month


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