Pimm’s Cup Picnic – A VIDEO!

Well, it’s official – I’m OBSESSED with making videos. It’s just so fun! Shooting everything. Finding the right music. It’s one of the best creative outlets I’ve found in a while. Next up for you, the second of my summer cocktail videos.

A Pimm’s Cup was the first thing I knew I wanted to serve at my international cocktail birthday party last year. It’s the ultimate summer beverage, hailing from England, where I first discovered it during my study abroad quarter in college. Those were some of my best months in college and I can’t wait to return to London in just a few weeks, for the first time since 2004. With my upcoming trip, and the Olympics coming to a close, I decided to take full advantage of one of the rare warm weekend days in SF and make a Pimm’s Cup to take to the park.

This drink is light and refreshing, made of Pimm’s liquor and sparkling lemonade, with strawberries, orange, cucumber and mint thrown in. I got these strawberries (along with the mint and cucumber) from the farmer’s market so they were imbued with that bright red all the way through and loaded with flavor, which combined with mint, cucumber and lemonade are the epitome of refreshing and summer. You absolutely must try this drink before the heat fades and the leaves turn brown.


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