Europe 2012: London Calling


I studied in London spring quarter 2004 and hadn’t returned since. It was a round trip point for my entire trip and man, if felt good to be back. I had forgotten just how busy and crowded the city is, fully of vibrant energy and charm. It was a bit overwhelming in the really touristy areas, but I did manage good deal of chill time as well. The absolute best thing about my visit there was being able to stay with my cousin and his wife, whom I have not had the chance to spend that much time with before. They are absolutely lovely people, well-traveled and foodies to boot, so we got along just great. Brian and I went for a couple of bike rides along the canals in their neighborhood, which was definitely a highlight, and the other days I managed to wander around the city, familiar and new boroughs alike. Below is just a glimpse of the activities and sites that filled my time.


  • Bikeriding along canals inDalston/Hackney
  • Walking around Covent Garden all the way to South Kensington
  • Taking a double decker bus home
  • Walking around Hampstead Heath and Islington (Goldfinger house in Hampstead)
  • Slow motion flash mob at the Tate Modern
  • Borough Market

my initial in detail

display at the front of the Victoria & Albert Museum


clockwise from top left: The Pavilion Cafe in Vic Park, coffee at The Counter in Stour Space, Fish & Chips at the local gastro pub The Prince Arthur, Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen

Tate Modern


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