Happy Labor Day weekend, folks! I am sticking around town this weekend, catching up on life by hanging out with friends and family, but last weekend I had a fabulous time in Seattle with a couple of girlfriends. I hadn’t been there since I looked at colleges over 10 years ago, and had forgotten how truly beautiful the city is. Just like san Francisco, the downtown is nestled right on the water, which provides for some spectacular views. We lucked out with amazing weather, which allowed us to enjoy some things touristy, but mainly we splurged a bit on food, drink and shopping. It was the perfect weekend away.


  • Ballard – Cute neighborhood with a slightly industrial feel and lots of bars/restaurants, and a great farmer’s market on Sundays
  • Ballard Locks – SALMON! They have an amazing set up for viewing the fish in the ladder. Salmon sure are ugly-looking, but they are impressively huge. Also, if you haven’t seen boat locks in action before, this is a very active passage between Puget Sound and the Ship Canal to Lake Union and Lake Washington, which is pretty cool.
  • Harbor Tour by boat – We took a ferry tour, but really do anything you can to get on the water. It is so beautiful and the skyline is dynamic with the city being built on so many hills.
  • Poppy – an Indian restaurant featuring thali, a form of dining where each patron receives a bunch of side dishes to accompany their main
  • Le Pichet – a charming French Bistro close to Pike’s Place. I was amazed to get such a wonderful meal so close to the touristy area. It is worth the block and a half walk to have a proper lunch while touring.
  • Starbucks – It’s not really my favorite, but when in Seattle… I underestimated how many Starbucks there would be in its home down. There’s basicaly one on every corner!

IMG_4659IMG_4657I had no idea about the busking culture in Seattle!image_2The public library is worth a stop, it has amazing architectureIMG_4265Old timey photos are always a blast


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