New in June 2014

I’m still here!!! It’s far far too late to say happy new year, but happy first post of 2014 everyone!

I have been keeping myself busy with: A trip to Japan! Rafting down the Grand Canyon! Sunning and clubbing in Miami! Weekend trips to Santa Barbara, Napa, Sonoma and Half Moon Bay! And finally, a whole month of new things in June!

2014 has been a whirlwind so far (I can hardly believe that it is already July – a similar sentiment I’m sure most of you share) and sprinkled in between the trips mentioned above, there have been many new recipes tried, a relationship started and ended, a promotion gained (finally!) so as you can see it’s been busy busy. Despite all the new things I’ve done with the year, I still wanted to make sure to dedicate June to San Francisco (mostly) and do ‘New in June’ for the 3rd year in a row.

For those of you who don’t know, I started this tradition back in 2012 where after a slew of weekend trips in May I realized that there is still so much left of my own city to discover. Last year I was a little less diligent about the EVERY day idea, and just completed 30 new things, which was still a great accomplishment. And this year I have to admit that it was definitely a challenge, and I ended up missing several days, but making up for them later. All said and done though, I did do 30 new things and still appreciated the spirit of going outside my daily routine to get them done!

I was in the Grand Canyon for the first part of the month, which I counted every day as being new. And I was in Sonoma for a bachlorette party one weekend, but again trying lots of new things. So the days available to SF were smaller than the rest, but I did manage to accomplish 40% of the things on the list I created at the beginning of the month (same amount as the first two years!).

I’m so happy to live in such a great place and to have inspired some friends to do their own new things. It’s such a great way to shake things up, I hope you’ll find inspiration to try your own new things.

new in june 2014

  1. Tongue & Cheek, Miami, FL
  2. Hoover Dam
  3. Hiking down the Grand Canyon
  4. Rafting down the Grand Canyon
  5. Camping in the Grand Canyon
  6. Pretty much everything in the Grand Canyon
  7. Prickly Pear Margaritas and a Teva tan
  8. The Taco Shop @ Underdogs
  9. Delivering Meals on Wheels disaster kits to SF seniors
  10. Roller Disco
  11. SF Botanical Garden*
  12. Thor’s Ricotta-Orange Pound Cake
  13. Wiener Races at Golden Gate Fields
  14. St. Francis Fountain – one of the oldest soda fountains in SF
  15. Chinatown Library Branch
  16. Getting promoted into my first managerial role*
  17. Firemen breaking into my car after I locked my keys in it*
  18. El Dorado Kitchen, Sonoma
  19. Kellys Bachlorette & all new wineries: Laurel Glen, Kunde, Korbin Kameron
  20. Fig & Thistle*
  21. Civic Center Farmers Market
  22. Asian Art Museum
  23. Limon Rotisserie
  24. Urban Putt
  25. Palm House
  26. Harry Denton’s Starlight Lounge (for a Colombian dancing night!)
  27. Presidio Social Club
  28. 3 Fish Studios (I picked up some monster art and am taking a class here later this month)
  29. Etcetera Wine Bar
  30. Amnesia for Bluegrass Mondays*

* my favorites of the month!


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