The (new) Kitchen

Moving is always a beast. It’s why I only moved twice in my seven years in San Francisco and why it’s important to me to be selective in the apartments I choose. It’s not just the moving process that is intense, but it always takes time to build a new home. It’s impossible to make an entire place feel like home at once, so I’m approaching my home building in a room by room kind of way.

So far I’m loving my new apartment. It’s a little louder and more exposed than the last unit, but I’m in a corner of the top floor, with tons of light, and views of the mountains in the distance. I ended up getting more for less here in Denver, which is awesome – I now have a real bedroom! A parking spot! A 15 minute commute! It’s pretty amazing.

Not only do I have a bedroom, I also have a (slightly) larger kitchen with amenities – dishwasher, garbage disposal and huge pantry, oh my! It is of course the first room in the house that I made sure to settle first.






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