Denver Art Museum

One thing that I’ve learned from all my travels is that museums and art, in general, are an easy and not-awkward solitary activity. Museums are quiet, it’s usually frowned upon to speak too loudly, and art is so often appreciated differently by various individuals, it’s ends up being a great thing to explore alone.

Obviously moving to a new city provides for a lot of alone time – before you’ve made your own friends, or had coffee with friends of friends, or connected with people at work. It was (and still is) a time for me to explore things by myself and discover the activities in a new city that I really enjoy doing. I’m lucky that Denver has such a lively art scene – I’ve already made a couple of trips to the Santa Fe St. Art District, and a couple of weekends ago I made my first, of many to come, trips to the Denver Art Museum. My best friend gave me a membership for my birthday this year, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Having a membership is quite a luxury that makes taking trips to the museum and viewing art a leisurely and non-pressured activity – knowing I can come back whenever I want. On my first visit, I chose to wander through the Matisse & Friends exhibit, as well as the Western Art and Modern Art galleries. Pictures of some of the images that captured me are below. The exhibits I visited were all so different, and there’s so much more to explore – I’m excited to be able to get to know the museum intimately gallery by gallery.

IMG_7439IMG_7443IMG_7448William MatthewsIMG_7453Elaine de KoonigIMG_7451John Nieto


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