Roxborough State Park

I finally had my first socially active weekend! Happy Hour on Friday night, hiking on Saturday and football viewing on Sunday. It was just my kind of weekend with a little down time between everything.

I hesitate to call the trip on Saturday a ‘hike’ because it really wasn’t all that strenuous, or vertical, but it was great to get into one of the Colorado state parks and be in some kind of nature. We went to Roxborough State Park, which is just about an hour south of Denver.

I wasn’t too too familiar with the Colorado landscape before moving here, but I’m starting to learn some identifying features. Such as these big red rocks that jut out of the ground. Similar to the Flat Irons in Boulder, or the Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs. They are absolutely fascinating. There were a couple of groups of kids getting nature tours and I kind of wanted to tag along in order to learn more, but obviously I didn’t want to be a creeper.

We finished up the excursion with a stop in Sedalia, a tiny tiny town off Hwy 85. I believe it was featured in Sunset Magazine as a day trip, but I have a hard time believing there’s a full day’s worth of things to do there… We stopped at the Mexican food joint, but Bud’s Cafe & Bar next door was hoppin! I mean, seriously hoppin’. I couldn’t believe how many people popped in there for burgers and chips (the only thing on their menu) – clearly we stopped at the wrong lunch spot.

All in all, I was pretty satisfied with the day trip and the entire weekend. As anticipated things are very slowly, but surely, coming together.




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