Apple Cider Donuts & Snow Shoeing

I suppose apple cider donuts scream a little more fall than they do winter, but I felt like they were a perfect treat to enjoy for breakfast before snow shoeing on Saturday!

I’ve been wanting to make this recipe for a while, ever since Emily made them here and I’ve got to say they were tasty! It was my first time making cake donuts, which were surprisingly easy – you make basically a cake bater, freeze it for a bit to stiffen it up, then cut it out and fry it. Easy peasy.

Of course, I have a few self critiques, just to make sure you guys don’t make the same mistakes…

  1. The recipe said to use a whisk, but they were just slightly too fluffy for my taste – I like a little denser donut, so next time I’ll have at it with the paddle attachment.
  2. They tasted kind of like a churro. I LOVE churros, so yay me, but the apple cider wasn’t as strong as I was hoping and the sugar/cinnamon coatings was a bit strong. Next time use real boiled cider and less cinnamon.
  3. The other thing that made them more churro like was the fact that they were pretty thin. I don’t have a true 3″ donut ring, so I used a couple of biscuit cutters. Totally worked, but next time, I would make sure they are thicker.

And that’s it about the donuts. I will probably try to make them again, because I do love a churro, almost more than I love a donut.

Now onto the snow shoeing. SO fun. I’d been wanting to use my hand-me-down snow shoes for years now and finally got my shot. We went up to Jones Pass, which had a clear path with absolutely stunning views. We hiked for just over an hour and had we been really really motivated we would have gone all the way up another 1,000 ft to the continental divide. But maybe next time. Maybe in the summer.

Obviously, everyone loved the donuts too. Recipe here.IMG_5823IMG_7935IMG_7916


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