Moonlight Snowshoeing

I’ve really been embracing the snow. I haven’t really known any other life in Denver than Winter, but so far so good! I learned to ski a few weekends ago and have been up each weekend since. While I didn’t ski this weekend, I did make another trip to the mountains to enjoy some moonlight snowshoeing and dining.

The ski resort A-Basin hosts a moonlight dinner series in the winter months coinciding with the full moon. Each dinner is an international theme held at the restaurant up the mountain, to which you can snowshoe up! It was awesome.

I have to admit that the food wasn’t the highlight of the night, but the mountain at night-time was spectacular. Seeing the sun set over the ridge and watching the moon rise over the mountains as we were walking down was stunning. The stars were out in full force and with each minute the moon reflected brighter and brighter.

I’ve so been enjoying all these new experiences and getting to know the mountains that I can see from my apartment windows. If I had to trade views of the ocean for something, I think the Rockies are the best thing I could have chosen.


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