It’s hard to believe (and a little sad) that I’ve been to more countries than I have US states. I do feel like there is a little more to be gained in the international travel, but I am beginning to realize there’s also some value in knowing about the other states in this huge country of ours. Now that I’m a little more centrally located, I have a feeling I just may have the opportunity to explore more.

A couple of weekends ago I ventured up to Cheyenne, Wyoming for a mini “SF in the Mountain States” reunion. I drove up with a friend from Denver to meet a mutual friend of ours who just moved to Wyoming for a job. We were all friends in SF, so it was great to be back together, albeit in a very different place.

Cheyenne is the small capital of Wyoming, with not a ton going on, but the surrounding area is pretty high desert land. We took a trip out to Beth’s family’s ranch to pick up some furniture and got to hear and see some cool history of the American West.

The ‘ranch’ is actually a cluster of houses that form the town Arlington, WY that was originally an off-shoot of the Oregon Trail. Beth’s Great-Grandfather was one of the original settlers, and it’s been in their family ever since. There were very cool relics of the past including wood burning stoves, old wagon wheels and a poll book from 1912.

Even though the Wyoming we experienced was a little sleepy, we had a great time. I’m looking forward to going back for Frontier Days, which will be the absolute opposite experience filled with rodeos, cowboys, and country music.



One thought on “Wyoming

  1. Cool, Emily. I’ll have to ask Kyle about this area since he hunts in WY every fall. Such beautiful country! I’ve never been there, either, but would love to see it sometime. Hope all is well . . . .


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