New in June 2015 – DENVER

Well, hello! I can’t believe how long it’s been. Summer swallowed me up and has just spit me out. It’s been an awesome season so far – I took a weekend trip to Santa Fe, my sister and parents visited, as did a friend from Sweden, and I went camping in CO for the first time. Many of these weekends and adventures fit themselves nicely into New in June, and while it was a bit of a challenge, I did it – 30 new things in June!

Being new to Denver, the easiest things to try were new restaurants and coffee shops, but I experiences a fair amount of other places and things. It’s funny though, because while there is a lot to do here, there is a certain uniqueness that’s found in San Francisco, that I haven’t found yet here… the secret stair cases, hidden mountain slides, and things of the sort. I’m sure all in due time I’ll discover some Denver gems too, but this year I was just happy to do my 30 new things and continue to explore this city.

  1. IMG_8849IMG_8960IMG_9023FullSizeRender (1)Novo Coffee
  2. Museum of Contemporary Art
  3. Softball at a new field and playing in the hail (summer hail is definitely a new thing all in its own)
  4. Infinite Monkey Theorem
  5. Road trip to Santa Fe with le boyfriend*
  6. Santa Fe Cathedral
  7. Georgia O’Keeffe Museum
  8. Steam Espresso Bar
  9. Puzzah!
  10. Bike ride on Cherry Creek Trail* and a stop at Denver Beer Co.
  11. Root Down*
  12. A visit from Brooke and breakfast at Sam’s no. 3
  13. Brewgrass
  14. Deborah Butterfield at the Denver Botanic Gardens*
  15. Lower 48*
  16. The Rooftop at the Rockies Stadium
  17. Mom and Dad in Denver and a happy hour at Prost*
  18. Joan Miro at the Denver Art Museum
  19. Comida
  20. Bike to Work Day
  21. Civic Center Eats
  22. Declaration Brewing Company
  23. Blackbird
  24. Riding the light rail
  25. Attending a polo match
  26. Curtis Park Deli*
  27. Mercantile Dining & Provision (amazing pastry for breakfast)
  28. Happy Hour at a bank opening
  29. Using fondant to decorate a cake – yay Craftsy!
  30. All the other things – just too many things happened that I forgot to take pictures of like me hosting my first Denver BBQ, having dinner at Steuben’s and brunch at Black Pearl.

* my favorite new things of the month


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