The Saturday Report: the mountains, carnitas and a dive bar

Hello Hello! I have been inspired and able to post a little more lately and while making some slight tweaks to the blog format recently (check out the new menu bar below the title), I reread the intention that I set for the blog in the about me section, which inspired this new series.

Each week I’ll be bringing you The Saturday Report – a recap on the things I did, what I cooked, and where I traveled on Saturday (or notable things from the days in between)! I want to hold myself accountable to truly not wasting any of my 52 weekends and to share the best with you. I don’t know that every single report will be chock full of amazing things, but I will sure try my hardest.

So here we go! The first report…

VISIT I have lived in Colorado for two and a half years now, yet am still very unfamiliar with the areas north of Denver, west of Vail or south of Colorado Springs, so it’s about time I got exploring. I took myself on a short day trip to Estes Park on Sunday. It’s a cute vintage town nestled at 7,500 feet, below Long’s Peak and just on the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park. I strolled the streets, had lunch at a very divey burger shop, treated myself to some salt water taffy, tasted some local booze with a view and visited The Stanley Hotel (famous for its role in The Shining). There is definitely more nature to be enjoyed once it’s warmer, but it was just nice to get out of down and enjoy some different and gorgeous scenery.


COOK My friend hosted a Cinco de Mayo party on Saturday evening, which turned into a long fun night to margaritas and tasty food, including AMAZING carnitas that she made from scratch. I can’t wait for an excuse to feed a crowd so I can make them myself. Orange and cinnamon, along with a low and slow cook time make these easy and delicious. Recipe courtesy of Serious Eats and J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, so you know you can’t go wrong. I’d also recommend following him on instagram for great tips and inspiration. <photo is from the recipe site>


READ Not from this past weekend, but worth noting – since starting to get The New York Times Sunday paper, I’ve taken up reading the wedding section. This is probably one of the most girly things I could do, but I mostly just like reading how people met. I particularly enjoyed this article about author Michael Ruhlman and his wife Ann Hood. I know of him from his book(s) about chefs/cooking and their story is a very cute one about never giving up and staying open because you never know where the road will take you.

DO On Friday night I made my second visit to 715 Club, a dive bar in 5 Points in Denver. I’ve only been there once before, but both times they played great music, and it just has a good vibe about it. 5 Points as a neighborhood has its own storied past and is currently gentrifying, which deserves it’s own post, but the recent restaurant additions and resurrections of places like The 715 are sure to help develop the current chapter.



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