The Saturday Report: Aspen, Fried Eggs and The Open Road

I’m back! It was another whirlwind week(end), but I am finally home and sticking around for a while. Last week was pretty uneventful, as I mostly rested up between weekend trips, but cue Memorial Day weekend where the fun continued!

VISIT Aspen. I’m so happy to have finally been to Aspen. I’ll write a post eventually, but for now a few highlights. Half the weekend was kind of bad weather, so there was a lot of eating and drinking involved, but we were able to end the weekend with a little walk in the woods and some natural wonder. Eat/Drink: The Monarch (sit at the bar) my favorite meal experience of the weekend; The White House Tavern, owned by the Hillstone group and just as good as the rest; Meat & Cheese, easy, tasty, plentiful, definitely worth it; J Bar, bar at the Jerome Hotel, nice, high end, old timey feel with great cocktails. Hike: Maroon Bells. It’s the main one to do and is worth it. There’s a relatively easy hike from one lake to the next, that offers some spectacular reflections and scenes. GO EARLY. See: Aspen Art Museum. I didn’t actually love the art here, but the building is awesome, the exhibits rotate pretty frequently and it’s free, so it’s worth a quick tour.

COOK Parmesan Fried Eggs. This is my current favorite thing to eat. I’ve made it twice now and it could not be more simple. I read about it in Martha Stewart Living and after watching a quick tutorial was ready to go. My new non-stick pan made it so easy, and serving a salad along side helps balance out the creamy saltiness of the egg and cheese. I thought I would miss toast, but I haven’t. It’s got all the textures and the flavors, you have to try it.

DRIVE  Leisurely. It’s been so long since I was able to take a road trip or travel somewhere without a real agenda. On both legs of the trip we took our time and didn’t have to be any where at a certain time. This allowed us to stop and take pictures, check out random restaurants and bars that we wouldn’t have otherwise sought out, and to really admire the views. If you haven’t done it lately, summer is the perfect time to crank up the radio, roll the windows down and treat yourself to a little wandering. Favorite stops: K’s in Buena Vista, Twin Lakes, Independence Pass over the Continental Divide, Bread Bar in Silver Plume


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