The Saturday Report – boating, hiking and lawn games

The Saturday Report is back! Now that I got my full month of new stuff under my belt, I’m back to doing normal, fun (and still new) things. I spent this past weekend up in the mountains for a friends’ birthday and discovered a few things that are definitely worth checking out!

DO Boating on Lake Dillon

Since moving to CO I have realized I’m a water person, rather than a mountain person, which was further affirmed while boating on Lake Dillon this weekend. I’ve kayaked on the reservoir before, but taking a speed boat out on the water was a whole new experience, which I loved! You don’t need a boating license, and are able to bring out snacks and drinks onto the water (PSA: Don’t drink and drive!!! Even if it’s a boat!). The rental is for two hours, so we sped, floated, sped and floated again. It’s just so spectacular to see this large body of water surrounded by some of the tallest peaks in the world.

DO Hike Lilly Pad Lake

I did a 14er last November and promptly decided that I never needed to do one again. I just didn’t find that much pleasure in hiking above tree line and killing myself for a view of yet more mountains. I’m more of a hike in the woods kind of girl. We capped off the weekend with a lovely little hike to Lilly Pad Lake. 3.3 miles total, with TWO cute lakes to rest at and view at the end, as well as a plethora of diverse foliage along the way. You cross a number of creeks with more water bound plants, and then weave in and out of groves of pines. Absolutely charming the whole way, and just enough to feel like you actually got out and did something with your morning.


Image via


Spoiler alert: you win this game by bending over and throwing a stick between your legs! You want to play now, don’t you? Even though I just made big jenga, I must say that I was a little jealous of this game my friends brought to the mountains (maybe I should have made Kubb instead!!). It’s kind of like lawn bowling, meets croquet… Good for a group and complicated enough to keep you on your toes, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a blast. The Swede’s did a good job with this one.


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