to navigateto walk or find one’s way; to make one’s way over or through

Saturdaythe seventh and last day of the week; only 52 a year; not to be taken for granted

After seven years in San Francisco, I decided to pick up my life and move to Denver in November 2014. For a new job, a new life opportunity, and for the potential that could be in a new place. As I went through each step of the move, it occurred to me, that what we do every day, every week, every year is to choose the best course; to navigate as best we can to make the most of each friendship, city, job, and adventure. We make our way through and are stronger for it.

Saturdays are my fun day. The day I try to do the most, enjoy the most, live the most. In an effort to fully experience my new town, I am thoughtfully navigating my Saturdays and the days in between. May none of my 52 Saturdays be wasted.

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Instagram: @emsbonappetit

Twitter: @emsbonappetit

anything published prior to November 2014, is from my previous food blog:

The Bon Appetit Diaries


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    1. Thanks so much, Becky! That’s so nice of you! I enjoyed perusing around your blog a bit too, and can’t wait to fully look into the the Liebster details. Thanks again!


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