Europe 2012: The Video

Well, let me tell you, making a video for a two-week trip is quite a task… But I was determined to continue to develop this new-found hobby and have spliced together some of the best moments (ie. the moments I remembered to capture as moving pictures) of the trip. As we are our own worst critics, I always feel like there’s room for improvement, editing choices that could always fit a little bit better, but it is amazing how a quick little video does bring an entire vacation to life.

My father has said he’d like to see more of me in the video; however, I’m holding to the claim that it is hard to video oneself (on a train, walking in a strange city, drinking Belgian beers) while traveling without a tripod. So for now, please enjoy the lovely sites (my favorites are from the air) and wait patiently in anticipation of my next travel video, where I may or may not be making an appearance…

[vimeo w=700&h=500]

song: RJD2 – Ghostwriter


Europe 2012: London Calling


I studied in London spring quarter 2004 and hadn’t returned since. It was a round trip point for my entire trip and man, if felt good to be back. I had forgotten just how busy and crowded the city is, fully of vibrant energy and charm. It was a bit overwhelming in the really touristy areas, but I did manage good deal of chill time as well. The absolute best thing about my visit there was being able to stay with my cousin and his wife, whom I have not had the chance to spend that much time with before. They are absolutely lovely people, well-traveled and foodies to boot, so we got along just great. Brian and I went for a couple of bike rides along the canals in their neighborhood, which was definitely a highlight, and the other days I managed to wander around the city, familiar and new boroughs alike. Below is just a glimpse of the activities and sites that filled my time.


  • Bikeriding along canals inDalston/Hackney
  • Walking around Covent Garden all the way to South Kensington
  • Taking a double decker bus home
  • Walking around Hampstead Heath and Islington (Goldfinger house in Hampstead)
  • Slow motion flash mob at the Tate Modern
  • Borough Market

my initial in detail

display at the front of the Victoria & Albert Museum


clockwise from top left: The Pavilion Cafe in Vic Park, coffee at The Counter in Stour Space, Fish & Chips at the local gastro pub The Prince Arthur, Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen

Tate Modern

Europe 2012: England

I lugged my computer all this way, so I’m figuring I’d better make the most of it and post something to the blog. The first week of my trip has been fabulous! I am currently spending my last night in Belgium, a country that has been unexpectedly delightful, but I started my trip in grand old England. I had friends and family to visit in the country and spent my first couple of days getting adjusted to the time and catching up with my friend Eleanor and her family in Leamington Spa. Eleanor and I lived in Stuttgart at the same time, and grew our friendship over some shared travels and many a beer – it was fantastic to see her happy and well! We rode in a fun sports car, toured around some beautiful English Heritage sites, tasted around a local food festival and in general I relaxed and got into vacation mode while in the company of friends.