Ever eager to see the world, try new foods and embark on adventures, I leapt at the invitation to join some friends in Colombia for a week and a half. We’ve had this trip planned since October, and it was amazing to finally be there. There were five of us and we filled our days with scuba diving, laying on the beach, eating ridiculous amounts of whole fried fish with coconut rice and plantains, visiting the mountains and touring Cartagena – ‘The Walled City’ which is a charming colonial town and biggest tourist destination in Colombia. We spent the majority of our time; however, based out of El Rodadero, a very popular beach destination for Colombian tourists. I loved all the fish (albeit after the first week I was craving steak, chicken and a good old fashioned sandwich), the warm, clear water that you can jump into and laze around in without any reservations, and the fact that we all just wanted to relax, sleep and read. We got a cooking lesson from our friend’s aunt, so I am hoping to recreate coconut rice sometime soon for you all, but until then, hopefully the below photos will give you a little taste of what what is was really like.