The Grand Canyon

I’m so excited to be doing a guest post for my good friend Sarah today! Her blog Outdoor Darling is great site where she shares her outdoor adventures, recommendations and things that inspire her.

She asked me to share a bit about my rafting trip down the Grand Canyon that I took this summer and I was so happy to relive the experience as I wrote about it.
Below is a little taste of what’s on her site today – click here to read the full thing.

Here’s a fun fact for you: The Grand Canyon receives just about 5 million visitors a year. Only about 30,000 people raft it. This year, I rafted it.

15 years ago this is not a trip I would have done. In fact I didn’t do it. My dad and sister went, but being the 15 year old I was I wasn’t keen on spending a week camping, rafting and getting dirty. At 30 I’ve come to embrace the outdoors a bit more and rather enjoy the camping, the rafting and even kind of the getting dirty, which led to me enjoying the trip of a lifetime this summer with my dad and sister rafting down the Colorado…

IMG_6257 IMG_6297