April/May 2011

Beijing & Shanghai

China is a crazy crazy place. There are people everywhere. Lots of action. Lots of growth. Lots of everything. I went to visit friends in Shanghai, and continued by myself on to Beijing. It was my first trip to Asia, and while I consider myself a seasoned traveler, it can be a rather ‘harsh’ place to visit. Everything is intense – the language, the way people speak, the fact that there are no lines. That said, it is a world apart and every time I take a big trip, I want to see something different! With technology and everything today it is hard to find places that are truly different. This was it – I can only imagine how different it was several years ago before the olympic and before so much of this growth has happened. I’m so happy to have gone, and while the cities have the action, I think visiting the Chinese countryside would be spectacular.


Beijing Downtown Backpackers


  • Day trip to THE wall with the hostel
  • 798 Art District in Beijing
  • Cooking class in Beijing at Hutong Cuisine
  • Dumplings at Nanxiang Mantou Dian in Shanghai
  • French Concession district and the Bund in Shanghai

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