New York City


September 2011

I went to NYC for 10 days over Labor Day. It was fantastic. I hadn’t been since I was in college, and it was great to be in the hustle and bustle of the big apple, there really is an energy there like no other. I steered clear of Times Square and spent my time wandering the villages below midtown, Chelsea, the upper sides… I did a ton of walking and tried to live like a local. I didn’t press myself to go to museums I’d been to before, didn’t freak out about what restaurants to try (I only made one reservation) and loved it. As much as I love seeing new places, I do find it so refreshing to be able to visit a city I’ve been to before because you can enjoy it for what it is and relax in the fact that you’ve already been to the ‘must see’s’ before.

Accommodation: Friends on the Upper East Side, Upper West Side and West Village


  • The Met roof top garden – I’d seen this in movies and finally got to visit this seasonal exhibit. Very special and great views of the park.
  • The Cloisters – part of the met, it’s a building assembled of all rescued pieces of old churches, the M4 bus ride up through Harlem and Washington Heights was actually great too
  • Real New York Bagels
  • Dinner on the roof deck of apt. #1
  • Kingswood Restaurant – in the West Village, cool atmosphere and excellent food
  • Running in Central Park


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